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Welcome to Reality.

Reality-LLC is a water-focused firm based in southern Arizona.  All water is a precious resource here -- as it is where you live. 

We're especially focused on HOT water.  That's because everything about conserving water and energy changes when you consider hot water. 

Here's why: Heating a given mass of water requires an extraordinary amount of energy.  In fact, only one substance on earth requires more energy to heat than water! Most of us never come in contact with liquid ammonia, yet we use hot water numerous times every day in our busy lives.


Our current work:

We are gathering data to document how much hot water is wasted in everyday homes throughout the USA.  Understanding hot water waste in existing homes creates a baseline from which actionable solutions may be possible for homeowners and municipalities.

You can be part of this project by submitting data on your home:  Click here to learn about our Wasted Water Data Collection Project.

Our other projects:

Reality-LLC helps homeowners, municipalities, and businesses analyze water usage with a focus on hot water.  We advocate for sensible plumbing design, especially technologies and designs that meet EPA standards for Water/Sense hot water delivery*. 

When it comes to conserving water, energy, time and money, every plumbing solution presents its own strengths and weaknesses.  For a one-page document showing the various trade-offs, send me an email at this address: hot.water.data (at) gmail.com.

* no more than 0.6 gallons (9.6 cups / 2.3 liters) of water shall be collected from the hot water fixture before hot water is delivered. (www.epa.gov)

"When the well runs dry, you cannot move the farm."

                    Don Furry - farmer, entrepreneur, visionary  (1918-1998)                                                                    


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