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Welcome to Reality. 
hat started in 2009 now comes to a close.

As I write, it is January 2016, a snowy day in south eastern Arizona.

Huachuca Mountains near
                        Sierra Vista AZ

On an earlier snowy day in February 2009, I said to myself, “I can model the annual wasted water and energy while waiting for hot water in my home, maybe even in my town.”  Little did I know the forces I might set in motion. 

Here are some special moments from the past seven years:


·      I met some of the most incredible people, experts really, who deeply care about this country and the water (and energy) crises ahead.


·      Data about wasted water, energy, and time that I collected from individuals around the country as well as in many Arizona towns, have led to several key observations:

  1. Expect the unexpected for your community and/or water agency.
  2. Good data and analysis keep leadership focused and reduce the risk and uncertainty for new policy considerations.
  3. Here is the most important: the delivery of hot water in homes and businesses can be vastly improved (especially in new residential construction) and can be accomplished with cost-effective results. 

 ·      The sweetest moments of all came when a completed data collection sheet arrived and I had no idea who sent it; where their hometown was; or why the sender even took the time to do so.  You just did it.  You made the journey special and lightened my burden.  Thank you!


Reality, as a website, will end in June.  It will still exist, as an Arizona LLC, but its focus will change generally in the direction of education and writing.


To all of you who helped “move the ball down the field”, please accept my deepest thanks.  What a journey!


David S. Grieshop

Managing Partner

"When the well runs dry, you cannot move the farm."

                    Don Furry - farmer, entrepreneur, visionary  (1918-1998)                                                                    


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